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New Government Member of Mozambique

Republic of Mozambique is a Republic and a multiparty democracy. It has an executive President as head of state and government, who is directly elected for a five-year term and serves a maximum of two terms. He or she appoints the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

The national legislature –(Assembleia da República de Moçambique)- is the 250-member unicameral Parliament, with members of which are elected every five years by direct universal suffrage.

There are 11 provinces headed by a president-appointed governor and indirectly elected local assemblies. Each province is subdivided into districts. The capital city of Mozambique is Maputo.

The 1990 constitution, which replaced the independence constitution, separated the powers of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary. It enshrined the principles of political pluralism and election by a secret ballot of a government based on majority rule. It avowed the right to live in a ‘balanced environment’ and established the framework for a liberal market economy and the private ownership of land. It also abolished the death penalty. A new constitution was adopted in 2004 and came into force in 2005. A Constitutional Council was established in 2005 to ensure strict observance of the new constitution including the electoral acts and also established the Council of State to advise the President on specific matters. The new constitution emphasizes that its interpretation should always be consistent with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Supreme Court is the final appellate court, and it has original jurisdiction in the most serious criminal cases. As well as other judicial courts, there are the Administrative Court, the courts-martial, and customs, maritime and labour courts. Some Supreme Court judges are appointed by the President and others are elected by Parliament.

The last general elections (legislative and presidential) was held in 15 October 2014, and the next to be held in 2019.


The President of the Republic of Mozambique is the head of state and holds a constitutional mandate to embody national unity by looking after the national and international issues of the country, and oversees the correct functioning of state offices. The president is the head of government and also the commander-in-chief of the defense and security forces. A presidential term lasts for five years and can only be renewed once.

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is appointed by the President and has the duty to assist and advise the President with the running of the government. The Prime Minister’s primary duty is to advise the President on the creation of ministries and to coordinate and control the activities of ministries and other government institutions. The Council of Ministers is chaired coordinated by the Prime Minister, who remains accountable to the President. The Prime Minister is also tasked with encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial activity and the exercise of private initiatives while protecting the interests of consumers and the general public.


(Ruling party: FRELIMO)

Key Figures :

Filipe Jacinto Nyusi – President of the Republic of Mozambique, since 15 January 2015 (the President is the head of the government)

Carlos Agostinho do Rosário – Primer-Minister of the Republic of Mozambique, since 17 January 2015

Members of Government :

Adriano Maleiane – Minister of Economy and Finance

Oldemiro Marques Baloi – Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Jaime Basílio Monteiro – Minister of the Interior

Salvador Ntumuke – Minister of Defense

José António Pacheco – Minister of Agriculture and Food Security

Carmelita Namashulua – Minister of State Administration and Public Function

Vitória Dias Diogo – Minister of Labor, Employer and Social Security

Adelaide Amurane – Minister in the Presidency and Civil Home Affairs

Agostinho Mondlane – Minister of Sea, Inland Waters and Fishing

Pedro Conceição Couto – Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources

Abduremane de Almeida – Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and Religious

Nazira Abdula – Minister of Health

Alberto Nkutumula – Minister of Youth and Sports

Cidália Chaúque – Minister of Gender, Children and Social Affairs

Jorge Ferrão – Minister of Education and Human Development

Ernesto Tonela – Minister of Industry and Trade

Carlos Mesquita – Minister of Transport and Communications

Celso Correia – Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development

Armando Dunduro – Minister of Culture and Tourism

Eusébio Gumbiwa – Minister of Fighters

Jorge Nhambiu – Minister of Science, Technology, Higher Education and Professional Technical

Carlos Martinho – Minister of Public Works, Housing and Water Resources



Honorary Consulate

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Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Mozambique Malaysia

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