Mozambican Prime Minister Carlos Agostinho do Rosario on Wednesday launched the government's campaign to draw up a complete inventory of state property.

This initiative is part of a drive to improve the management of public finances. The government has vowed to undertake a complete inventory every five years. It will take six months to carry out the full inventory.

At the Wednesday launch, Rosario stressed that the property owned by the state is growing continually, thanks to public investment, including the building of more schools, hospitals, water, roads, bridges and other infrastructure. “Valuing state assets requires individual and collective responsibility of all managers of the public administration, and of the country in general”, he said.

Rosario challenged public managers to contribute to the development of the public sector by guaranteeing the maintenance, conservation and responsible use of all existing state property and that which may be acquired in the future. He said that the current campaign seeks to identify all state assets, in order to update the existing records of state property. He hoped that this would lead to rationalization, better priorities for public expenditure, and an improvement in accountability.

The Prime Minister called on all Mozambicans to use the state's fixed and movable assets, in each sector of activity, efficiently and rationally, “so that they can serve more citizens in the future”.