A new hotel and office development, known as the Rani Towers, will open for business in Maputo in November, according to the managing director of the Dubai-based Rani Investment, Salim Bitar. It cost 206 million US dollars to build the Rani Towers, and the adjacent, already functioning Radisson Blu Hotel, all located on the Maputo coast road. The project is the fruit of cooperation between Rani Investment and the Minor Hotel Group, which is headquartered in Bangkok.

Presenting the project to reporters on Tuesday, Bitar said that one of the towers has 21 floors reserved for apartments, while the other has 17 floors of office space. The office space covers 22,000 square meters. There are 181 fully furnished apartments. 177 of them will be managed by the Radisson group (which is also part of Rani Investment). The other apartments will be leased out, and a company has been hired to lease them to anyone interested.

The facilities include two swimming pools, a shopping area, and conference hall with space for over 450 participants, a gymnasium, lounges and restaurants. China's Infrastructure Project Boosts Country's Urbanization

The Maputo Ring Road Project, which is currently constructed by a Chinese company since 2012, and as the northernmost area of the project, the district's infrastructure progressed to improvement with newly built roads and a new Marracuene bridge across

the Incomati River, that runs through the district on its course into the Indian Ocean, both undertaken by the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC).

Marracuene District locates besides the countries only north and south bound highway N1, and connects the N1 with the eastern section of the new Maputo Ring Road. The district had been serving as a popular tourist attraction in Mozambique's colonial era, for its 21-mile radiant beach along the eastern coast of the Indian Ocean.